Yelp! Reviews

  •   Probably the best "quick" Mexican place in Milpitas right now, especially after Mini Taqueria closed. The guy at the counter is always friendly and will happily make recommendations. He doesn't make you feel bad if you don't know something. The food has always been really good for me. I still don't know how to eat a chimichanga without making a gruesome mess but it was delicious. They sell Mexican Coke as well as regular, so that's cool.

    My only complaint is that the interior and furniture is still pretty old and beat-up. Even if they are cleaning it regularly it still doesn't look like the most welcoming place to sit and eat. A remodel just to sharpen the appearance would be nice. However it's still a much better-looking place than another local taqueria that I won't name at this time...

    Anyway, good place. Check it out.

    thumb Lindon W.
  •   Burrito express is amount the best burritos in Milpitas. Definitely has the best customer service as well as with prices. Always hits the spot. I appreciate the people that work here

    thumb Nathen F.