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  •   I just had one of the best Burritos I've ever had from this place. I'm not even kidding. The gentleman was fast and courteous. The food was extremely fresh and nice and hot. PERFECT beans, rice, green sauce sour cream and shredded juicy chicken. I couldn't believe how big it was either. I was so very happy. You have to go try this place.
    Thank you Express Burrito


    thumb Kevin W.
  •   Food was mediocre as expected. It's like the fast food of Mexican Restaurants. Not great, but good in a pinch.

    The reason for the one star is I was eating outside and this guy walks up and into the restaurant with no mask. Not sure if he was just an employee who was off duty, but he walked in talking loudly, without any mask, rang himself up a meal and it looks like he didn't pay. There's literally a sign mandating that employees wear their masks.

    He was acting like a huge moron too and swearing left and right. So if the owners of the business read this and this is your employee, he wasn't wearing a mask and he was very unprofessional.

    If he isn't one of your employees, the employees that are there are allowing him inside mask less, allowing him to go behind the register and letting him steal food.

    thumb Charles K.