Facebook Page Reviews

    review rating 5  I always get there nachos. The owner is very friendly. It gives off a small town vibe even it's in the bay area. My husband loves the chili Verdi.

    thumb Josephine Atchison

    review rating 5  Been eating here for years! And still love their express burrito with chicken. The owner is wonderful and always asking how my family and I are doing. Never had a bad experience here and I've been coming for over 10 years!

    thumb Chana'e Jones

    review rating 1  My family has eaten here for years. Mistakes have happened but always been small. Today was the last. I ordered taco salad, and brought it home to open the carton and find a burnt shell. The whole reason I order taco salad is the shell. I threw it out without taking a bite since they think it's fine to burn my food and box it up so I find it when I get home. No, I didn't want to drive all the way back and have them remake it. I am pretty sure that's the last time we will go there.

    thumb Kendra Middleton Williams

Google Reviews

    review rating 1  I felt like I was eating at a low level Indian cuisine, they didn’t even get my order correct, and it’s a supposed to be a Mexican restaurant. I got Kumar in the kitchen today, I guess it was Joses’ day off. Definitely never coming back!

    thumb Stephany Godinez

    review rating 1  Nastiest Mexican food I’ve ever had and I’m a Mexican food lover. I’m so disappointed. I asked for carne asada burrito, and the meat all fat disgusting tasted like Indian spices! On a different burrito there was no sour cream like i asked. The whole order was messed up and it tasted like curry Indian food. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

    thumb Alexis Lugo

    review rating 3  I was craving Mexican food and this was the closest place. I got a taco salad with beef. It was okay: at other restaurants they give more things like beans and rice in the salad. The beef was good but had a lot of juices. Overall it was okay. Perhaps a burrito would be better next time.

    thumb Julian Roque

Yelp! Reviews

      Found a dog in my burrito but it tasted good so I'll give this establishment 5 stars sucks that the cashier (Edmund?) was kind of ugly

    thumb Elijah S.

      I grew up eating at this place and everything from their quesadillas to their California burritos to their asada fries have been so delicious. The service is amazing and the staff are always friendly and recognize us just because of how often we order from here. I don't rlly get why people hated on this place so much but I think this restaurant is really amazing!!

    thumb Simran P.

      My whole order was wrong. I asked for carne asada burrito meat and sour cream not correct. Tasted like Indian spices. Terrible food. Most of the meat was cartilage and fat.

    thumb Alexis L.