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    5 star review  I always get there nachos. The owner is very friendly. It gives off a small town vibe even it's in the bay area. My husband loves the chili Verdi.

    thumb Josephine Atchison

    5 star review  Been eating here for years! And still love their express burrito with chicken. The owner is wonderful and always asking how my family and I are doing. Never had a bad experience here and I've been coming for over 10 years!

    thumb Chana'e Jones

    1 star review  My family has eaten here for years. Mistakes have happened but always been small. Today was the last. I ordered taco salad, and brought it home to open the carton and find a burnt shell. The whole reason I order taco salad is the shell. I threw it out without taking a bite since they think it's fine to burn my food and box it up so I find it when I get home. No, I didn't want to drive all the way back and have them remake it. I am pretty sure that's the last time we will go there.

    thumb Kendra Middleton Williams

Google Reviews

    5 star review  The price is really good. The staff is very friendly.

    thumb Kate Soriano

    5 star review  Steak nachos always hits the spot. This is a good place to take out a halal burrito. Made fresh and good prices.

    thumb Sarfaraz Rydhan

    5 star review  Excellent super burrito and very fast service! 5 stars!!!!!

    thumb MK

Yelp! Reviews

      Whenever I have a chance, I love to start my morning with yummy chorizo/egg burrito at Burrito Express Milpitas.  I love how it was wrap with soft tortilla and come with lot of different salsa on the side that you can choose with.  The owner is also extremely nice.

    thumb Kasey N.

      It's a sleeper. Salsa bar has a great variety mild, medium, hot, all fantastic flavor. I ordered a cheese quesadilla & my bf ordered a crispy carnitas taco. I'd like to think no one can mess up a queso, and they didn't. It was all the cheesy gooy-ness I needed in my life. My bf said the taco was yum, meat cooked perfect and I think they make their own chips and taco shells because they were perfectly crunchy and salted. We found this place off yelp when we were killing time and wanted a snack. Glad we stopped in. This place is .

    thumb Alexandra H.

      This is the worst burrito I've ever had!!! DO NOT COME HERE SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!! Sour cream looked like cottage cheese, the meat had no flavor, the tortilla didn't even look like it was warmed up. I threw it in the trash and now I'm still hungry. Smh. I don't typically write reviews for many places but I really felt the need to warn everyone not to come here. Gross

    thumb Melia M.

Yelp! Reviews

  •   Food was mediocre as expected. It's like the fast food of Mexican Restaurants. Not great, but good in a pinch.

    The reason for the one star is I was eating outside and this guy walks up and into the restaurant with no mask. Not sure if he was just an employee who was off duty, but he walked in talking loudly, without any mask, rang himself up a meal and it looks like he didn't pay. There's literally a sign mandating that employees wear their masks.

    He was acting like a huge moron too and swearing left and right. So if the owners of the business read this and this is your employee, he wasn't wearing a mask and he was very unprofessional.

    If he isn't one of your employees, the employees that are there are allowing him inside mask less, allowing him to go behind the register and letting him steal food.

    thumb Charles K.
  •   Was in love with this very simple breakfast burrito.  
    Eggs- cheese- potatoes-jalepenos-tomatoes.
    No frills, just a simple hot breakfast made my day.

    thumb Simi K.