Facebook Page Reviews

    review rating 5  I always get there nachos. The owner is very friendly. It gives off a small town vibe even it's in the bay area. My husband loves the chili Verdi.

    thumb Josephine Atchison

    review rating 5  Been eating here for years! And still love their express burrito with chicken. The owner is wonderful and always asking how my family and I are doing. Never had a bad experience here and I've been coming for over 10 years!

    thumb Chana'e Jones

    review rating 1  My family has eaten here for years. Mistakes have happened but always been small. Today was the last. I ordered taco salad, and brought it home to open the carton and find a burnt shell. The whole reason I order taco salad is the shell. I threw it out without taking a bite since they think it's fine to burn my food and box it up so I find it when I get home. No, I didn't want to drive all the way back and have them remake it. I am pretty sure that's the last time we will go there.

    thumb Kendra Middleton Williams

Google Reviews

    review rating 3  Good but....taco John is better

    thumb Steve Moore

    review rating 5  Good, fast Mexican food at a great price.

    thumb Laurin Pestes

    review rating 5  Delicious food! All halal menu!

    thumb Asad Rizvi

Yelp! Reviews

      Got a breakfast burrito with potatoes (well it was supposed to have potatoes).  The chorizo tasted like ground beef.  It didn't have the orangey look to it or that spice you know and love about chorizo.  And did I mention they didn't put potatoes in my burrito?  Only reason why I skipped the Mexican place by the house is because I saw they put potatoes in their breakfast burritos.  By the time I got home, I noticed.  Didn't feel like going back.  I was starving by then.  So disappointed.  My first and last time here.

    thumb Sylvia L.

      I got a bad service today here, came in around 845pm and ask what time they closing. Craving for taco salad and I got what I ordered but this time it's more veggies than the meat, I'm not sure if it's because they closing and my order was made to rush. Didn't even bother to offer a napkins. Run out of salsa too. By 910 the guy was already cleaning up I undestand everyone was eager to get home but as a customer you don't want to feel you being rush to finish your food. I always come over here and this is the first time. I hope i won't ex perience this again in the future or anyone else.

    thumb Jason E.

      Love the chicken burrito!  Use to eat it all time in high school and I still crave it and think its my favorite burrito in the bay.  The salsa is so fresh and good, completes it.

    thumb Nicole P.