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We have been busy the last few days checking out where one can find information pertaining to our restaurant via web searches utilizing Google, Bing, and Yahoo. First via searching ‘Burrito Express’ on Google, we have found information pertaining to our restaurant on various listings. The listings include Google My Business, Yelp, Trip Advisor, All Menus, Grubhub, and Mesaras all on the first page of search result listings.

Now for the above listings, we can confirm that Google My Business, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Grubhub have all been officially claimed by us and will be updated when needed. For All Menus, it seems to be containing information via Grubhub platform but has not been officially claimed by us. In which case could be updated with correct information as we update our listing as needed directly on Grubhub itself. But for Mesaras and even though our menu boards within our restaurant gives the page for our online menu on their platform, they are not too be an official source to either contact us or to have the correct menu pricing and items. At current time, we do not have control of their content of our menu and do not have a current way of contacting Meseras to remove our content.

Through other searches and the relationships via third party web sites implement onto their platform, we have found our restaurant information on quite a few other web sites which include but are not limited to:, Foursquare,,, Judy’s book,, YaSabe, Swarm, Cortana, and Zomato; just to name a few of them. These sites that we have named, we are in the process of trying to work with them to get our information under our claim and corrected or completely removed if we are unable to claim and have full capability to control said information.

Finally, when relying on any information pertaining to our restaurant and any social media we may partake on, only rely on our official web site and links to our social media sites from our web site as we have been able to either own or verify the information within in the web site as accurate and have access to fully edit the site.

Here’s the official listing of our web sites:

  1. Official Burrito Express Web Site –
  2. Official Facebook Page –
  3. Official Twitter Account –
  4. Official Yelp Listing –
  5. Official Trip Advisor Listing –

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