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Yelp! Reviews

  •   By far one of if not the worst Mexican restraunts I have tried in all of the bay. Ordered a burrito and the meat tasted horrible as of it was expired and beans had a horrible aftertaste to them. Restaurant itself is disgusting floor is dirty cobwebs everywhere. Had to walk through their disgusting kitchen to get to the restroom, toilet was COVERED in sh*t huge cobwebs in every corner. The only thing my burrito was good for was dog food for when I got home.

    thumb Miguel G.
  •   Bruh this burrito dryer then some granny punani my girl got carne asada fries and they were plain no guacamole and barely any sour cream if your going to represent mexican food make sure you do it right the carne asada tasted like goat the cook got no barss

    thumb Jesus C.