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Yelp! Reviews

  •   Absolutely delicious Mexican place which is authentic and affordable. Their portion sizes are generous and the best part is that 3 meats are halal - Chicken, Steak and beef. The owner is really friendly and the place was clean. Service was quick and efficient.

    Really liked the steak chimichanga which was a bunch of beans, meat, fresh tomato, lettuce, sour cream, shredded cheese and sauce wrapped in a crispy dough wrap. You can order it with rice and beans or fries - they are very accommodating and are willing to adjust according to your taste. We also liked the chicken burrito which had cheese and fries and a sauce in it, a bit milder but you can get hot sauce on the side if you want. They have Mexican coke which goes very well with the food.

    I can tell this is a local favourite - the number of people trickling in and asking for their usual seemed to demonstrate that the food is good and the place has been around for a bit. Wishing them the very best and hope their business continues to do well!

    thumb Ayesha K.
  •   This restaurant was not as authentic as I would have liked, but it did the job. There are no beans on the nachos, but the shredded chicken meat was tender. There is lettuce in everything so if you want to hold, be sure to ask. I got a regular carnitas taco and it was large. I was not expecting that, I also was not expecting the lettuce, so it reminded me of Taco Bell. The carnitas was not fried. It was okay. They need to have a spicier salsa option. Both were mild. My daughter liked the rice n beans. So did i.

    thumb Kali V.