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Details on our freshly made Mexican food is coming soon.

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Details on when and how Burrito Express was started and where it is today, coming soon.

Yelp! Reviews

  •   Ordered a Chile verde Cali burrito. More Cali than Chile verde. It was nothing special and the Chile verde basically tasted like slightly flavored shredded chicken. I want offered salsa despite the previous customer being offered some. Big burrito though and it was less than $10. Fed me and I'm not sick. I'll go elsewhere next time.

    thumb V B D.
  •   My girlfriend and I got two burritos and carne asada fries. The moment I walked in I felt the place was dirty. It was 110 degrees today and there was no working AC inside, just a fan. When we got home my burrito had sauce all over the outside of the tortilla and the fries had a live baby roach inside of it. Safe to say I'm not coming back for a while and hopefully we don't get sick.

    thumb J L.