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Details on our freshly made Mexican food is coming soon.

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Details on when and how Burrito Express was started and where it is today, coming soon.

Yelp! Reviews

  •   Just finished my California Burrito that I just got here. It was my first time here as I been avoiding to go to this place because I was afraid to be disappointed. I was right. At first glance, it was ahuge and heavy burrito. However, after taking some bites, it was the first time I had to toss most of the burrito and I hate wasting food. The reason I disliked the burrito was because it was mostly filled with fries. It wasn't the really thin fries either. I would say it was 80% fries 20% steak. There was a point where it was mostly fries and I had to take it out to get to more meat because the fries were getting tiring to eat and filling. I want to give this place 2 stars but I'm going to be nice and give it an extra star since it wasn't the worst burrito I've eaten. Probably won't go back.

    thumb John N.
  •   It's a sleeper. Salsa bar has a great variety mild, medium, hot, all fantastic flavor. I ordered a cheese quesadilla & my bf ordered a crispy carnitas taco. I'd like to think no one can mess up a queso, and they didn't. It was all the cheesy gooy-ness I needed in my life. My bf said the taco was yum, meat cooked perfect and I think they make their own chips and taco shells because they were perfectly crunchy and salted. We found this place off yelp when we were killing time and wanted a snack. Glad we stopped in. This place is .

    thumb Alexandra H.